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by Florence Brossard

September 29 2015

In the process of globalization, international brands have tried to develop their communication to cope with the explosion of new media such as web, sms or mobile. On paper this sounds obvious and common sense. But which reality lies behind this path to a new way of communication?

The FCC has asked Florence Bossard from Danone Waters on Tuesday September 29th to tell us how her FMCG brand Evian has gradually seen this shift to a new communication model.

About the guest speaker:

With a double career in sales and marketing, Florence Bossard has continually evolved within the Danone group from local business and trade management to marketing roles, before joining the Danone head office in Paris, and has come to manage the global communication of the Evian brand at a key period.

Florence Bossard is currently Head of Marketing Asia Pacific for EVI (Evian Volvic International) located in Tokyo, where she has been living for the past 2.5 years.