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by Kei Sakaguchi

April 23 2015

As is the longstanding FCC tradition, we are very pleased this year to again welcome you to a fun and relaxing evening. The Seattle Seahawks took on the New England Patriots this year. Katy Perry performed a much talked about half time show. But for FCC it’s time to watch, enjoy, and debate the creativity and execution behind the most valuable advertising slots on TV.

We’ll view the Super Bowl 2015 ads, which were made specifically for this unique American event held just last month. Understood to be a focal point of advertising efforts and media spend in the annual calendar, expect to be amused by some adverts, annoyed by others, baffled by some, and generally entertained. We will discuss the ads and rank them again this year. But as always, it’s a good time for networking.

Please join us at one at the top floor, Monsoon Café, in Azabu Jyuban. a 1 minute walk from exit 7 of Azabu Jyuban. Monsoon has prepared a large screen for our viewing, plenty of food and refreshments, and good conversation before and after the ads. This promises to be a great night out and we look forward to seeing you there.