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by Adam Buczek

October 16 2019

Please join FCC's special session on October 16th with our featured speaker – Adam Buczek, CEO of HellYeah!

Venue: Roppongi Hills Club

Date: October 16th, 2019

Fee: 6,000 yen for FCC members, 8,000 yen for non-FCC members


18:30 Door Open

19:00 Presentations, QA's and Free discussion

20:15 Networking Reception over Food & Drink

21:30 End of Evening

In his talk Adam Buczek CEO of HellYeah! will explain how neuromarketing helps to get past some of the human barriers in traditional market research. He will provide insight into how neuromarketing can help mitigate problems in inaccuracy of traditional marketing communication by understating human emotions, and ultimately how it helps marketers gain a better understanding of product design, branding, advertising and experiences.

Neuromarketing is typically associated with technologies such as brain wave scanning or fMRI to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli. In truth, it is more than that. It is about understanding users’, customers’ or viewers’ emotional relationships in contexts.

The aim is to understand behavioural patterns, and emotions to be able to trigger relevant responses, and build stronger, long-lasting, relationships.

Adam will guide us through the latest developments in neuromarketing.

About the Speaker

Adam Buczek is a creative leader, film director, photographer, writer, game designer and entrepreneur. Shortly after obtaining Masters in Education in Poland he moved to England where he graduated from Central Saint Martins with Masters of Arts in Applied Imagination where he was a mentor until moving to Japan.

His expertise covers creativity, psychology, neuromarketing, and behavioural economics.

Adam has started his career as a designer and developer at the beginning of internet advertising. With his expertise in psychology and technology, he was building the foundations of UX and introducing mobile-first and design thinking models to creative agencies such as WPP, Karmarama. Over his career, he has directed over two thousand projects for more than 50 markets.

As an EMEA Creative Technology Lead for Xbox at Microsoft, he became a creative face of Microsoft Advertising. During this time Adam played a key role in building the business from a couple of people to a multinational operation acquired by AOL in 2015, which became know as Oath(Verizon Media).

After the acquisition, Adam has decided to move to Japan with a plan to build a new experimental business. Currently, he is the CEO of HellYeah! a neuromarketing consultancy based in Tokyo. They specialise in researching and developing creative strategies for brands by using psychology, emotional research and brain scanning to appeal to customer’s emotions.