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by Noriko Silvester

May 24 2018

Please join FCC's special session on May 24th on the topic of how PR affects sales of global brands in Japan. Featured speaker will be Noriko Silvester, Founder and CEO of Candlewick.

In Japan, where many international and domestic brands launch every year, Noriko Silvester is experienced in working for foreign brands in Tokyo. As Japan is very different from other western/developed countries, some brands end up withdrawing their business due to misunderstandings of the Japan market. Her mission stems from this experience, and the realization that brands need support to reach Japanese consumers successfully.

Candlewick was established in 2004, after Noriko Silvester successfully launched a British high-end skincare brand in Japan, localizing their PR story and setting up distribution from not only a PR, but also a sales point of view. This achievement brought other unique opportunities to promote premium products from both Japanese companies and global brands. Since then, Candlewick has been supporting PR and marketing activities for both domestic and international premium lifestyle brands. Utilizing unique and creative ideas, combined with planning and execution, Candlewick guides the clients to reach their target consumer and business goals.

Beginning in 2016, Noriko took on a new challenge by becoming the Primo Toys Japan sales agency (creators of Cubetto, a wooden programming toy for young children to learn 21st century skills), incorporating all aspects of business from importing, distribution, sales, and of course PR/marketing. This experience has allowed her to gain an even deeper understanding of how PR and marketing activities can affect sales and the importance of seamless PR communications.

Talking Points:
  1. Has the meaning of PR changed?
  2. Our Key Focus: Retail x PR
  3. Communication KPIs: Output vs. Outcome

Venue: Roppongi Hills Club

Date: May, 24th 2018


  • 18:30 Door open
  • 19:00 Presentations, QA's and free discussion
  • 20:15 Networking reception over food & drink
  • 21:30 End of Evening

Fee: 6,000 yen for FCC members, 8,000 yen for non-FCC members