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by Dave Mc Caughan

May 23 2017

The last few years the marketing and business world seems to have rediscovered "storytelling". The problem is knowing which narratives are really driving the issues that matter to your business. Narratives are the ammunition behind good stories, the "what is important, what are people talking about, how are they talking about it" you need to know about it. Discovering those narratives across the whole of the internet, understanding which matter most, what emotions they are responding to and creating is gold to any business person. Now AI ( artificial intelligence ) driven platforms are making their discovery and analysis affordable, timely and trackable.

Currently based in Bangkok Dave has spent the last three decades in Asia Pacific leading strategy planning and in senior management roles with McCann , one of the world’s largest advertising and communication companies.

Dave joined McCann in 1986 in his native Sydney where he helped build the Strategic Planning function and subsequently since 1995 has been based in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo leading regional strategy and communication campaign development for clients including Coca-Cola , MasterCard, Mototola, Nestle, Cathay Pacific, Sunstar, Hitachi, Johnson&Johnson, Darlie and many others.

In April 2015 Dave initiated BIBLIOSEXUAL, which brings together my long term passion for understanding the interaction of people and media with brands and stories.

Date: May 23rd from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Roppongi Hills Club
Price: 6,000 yen for members – 8,000 yen for non-members

Please mark your calendars today or RSVP as seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.